The recent Peterborough PP2 Challenge tourney attracted a
Peterborough record number of 37 enthusiastic participants and a
great time was had by all!
                                                                                                           Special Thanks To:

My wife, Maggie Kloosterman and her kitchen helpers Dana Doherty, Karen Martin, Kelly Martin
and Simon Aguinaldo. Also, to Dana for writing all the names on the raffle balls and paper slips.

Mark Professor for your tireless promotional work and for helping, along with John Artymko and
Brian Irish, to help pack my van at the end of the day.

Lee Coleshill for your promotional work, your help with building the raffled Petes' mini rink, and
for your donation of the Connor McDavid Oilers' jersey for the raffle table.

Dave Kraehling for donating the pp2 game with goalie handles, extra glass and nibs that will
soon become a OTHA/NTHL-donated Petes' mini rink for the Kids Zone at Peterborough Petes'
home games.

John Fayolle for your donation of special rods for the above mentioned game.

Dennis Doherty for conducting the "NHL Draft and Trade Center" and for going the extra mile in
researching each of the players' history.

My Sister, Shirley Aguinaldo, for helping to form the pools and for your lunchtime help compiling
stats. Also, for the loan of your microphone.

Burton Lee, Executive Director of Business Operations for the Peterborough Petes, for drawing
the name of the youngster (Tiannah Howe, age 12) who won the Petes' mini rink. And thank you
for stepping up to the rods and joining us to play!

Bill Holdcroft for your annual trip to my house in your truck to help haul the goods to the hall
and back to my house again afterwards.

Kim Ellis for your donation of cookies.

Pauline Coleshill for your donation of deserts.

Mike Davies of the Peterborough Examiner, Jesse Thomas of CHEX Newswatch and Sarah Frank
of Peterborough This Week for your awesome media coverage.

And finally, thank you to each player who attended. We hope you had a great time!